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Medical/Surgical Operative PhotographyIf you are a medical assistant and you are ready for a boost in your career, there are many options that are available to you. When it comes down to it, all you really need in order to become a medical assistant is a high school diploma. As a basic level medical assistant, you may be mostly taking down notes, keeping records, and emptying bedpans for nurses. Yet, if you are ready for a new chapter of the medical assistant profession, there are many different education options available. When it comes down to it, taking continued education courses can raise your pay scale and it can further diversify your duties and your responsibility as a medical assistant. Here are some continuing education options for medical assistants.

First, you want to study for one of the many state certification exams that your state has available. For instance, if you want to take x-rays, you will want to take a specific licensing exam that allows you to work with radiology machines. This can not only move you up on the pay scale, but it can also give you more exciting responsibilities as a medical assistant. The same goes if you want to take blood tests or administer intravenous injections.

Another option is to work with a licensed medical assistant manager at your current healthcare facility. When it comes down to it, a licensed medical assistant can give you more knowledge, so that you can have more tools to use as a medical assistant. Usually, training with a manager can be a great way to not only broaden your knowledge base, but it can also gain you a promotion. When it comes down to it, an employer at a medical care facility will want to see that you’ve worked with a manager for at least six months.

Next, you may also want to take courses at a medical assistant school. For instance, there are many online medical assistant schools that can give you a much wider base of understanding when it comes to the medical assistant field. If you want to get a promotion at your job, or if you are seeking a higher paying position as a medical assistant, this is a great way to secure more pay and more variety on the job. Not only that, but a medical assistant school will teach you how to work with patients and have better people engaging skills.

Lastly, your other option is to take courses at a community college. Studying at a community college can teach you more about the medical assistant profession, but also about the basic life sciences, like biology and organic chemistry. If you want to understand different terms or if you want to learn about new studies in the field of medicine, it can really help to take classes that will build your overall foundational knowledge – knowledge you can take with you on your path to becoming a higher paid and more respected medical assistant. With enough hard work, you will be able to climb that ladder of success that you have always been dreaming about.

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5 Benefits of Long-Term Academic Tutoring for Teens

December 2, 2013

School is a lot of work for a teenager. Not only are they responsible for their academic work and success, but many of them also play sports or are a part of clubs and organizations. In addition, they are constantly presented with social distractions as well as technology and social media outlets. With all of […]

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4 Ways College Students Can Live Greener Lifestyles

November 27, 2013

College is a strange, exciting time where you’re “between,” between being a child and living like an adult. It’s an opportunity to explore your passions and learn new things, and if you appreciate nature, eco-friendly living is the way to go. In college, you have the unique opportunity of living green more easily than many […]

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Packing Your Backpack: Five Essential Tips for Success When Taking Online Courses

November 25, 2013

Online education is the fastest growing type of higher education in the United States, with over six million students currently taking courses over the Internet and earning their degrees. Whether one is taking a single online class from the local community college or obtaining a NJIT Master of Computer Science Online degree, these classes offer […]

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Education and Career Roadmap for Plumbers

November 20, 2013

Just because becoming a plumber doesn’t require you to earn a bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean it’s easy to enter this field. Like any other type of job, you’re going to need training in order to gain the knowledge and skills required to practice your trade. In fact, there are several steps you’ll need to go […]

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5 Great Job Options for Art School Grads

November 19, 2013

Art school may have seemed like a bad choice to a lot of people, but once you graduate, it is time to prove those people wrong. Indeed, art school is one of the smartest investments, because there are a literal plethora of jobs out there that are available to art school graduates. Whether you become […]

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Ready to Graduate? 4 Books You need to Read Before You Enter the Real World

November 14, 2013

No matter whether you’re a business major or pre-med, it is important to have read at least a few works of great literature before you graduate and set off into the “real world.” An appreciation for classic books will serve you well throughout your life and be an important asset no matter what career path […]

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5 Benefits of Diversity on College Campuses

November 9, 2013

If you have a child who is preparing to go away to college in the upcoming months or you’re an adult who is considering going back yourself, as you’re in the process of selecting the school that is best for you, we hope that you make a campus that is filled with diversity a priority […]

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Education Decisions: 5 Reasons Grad School Online is a Smarter Choice

November 7, 2013

The decision of whether or not to attend graduate school is a major choice in many people’s lives. While there is a significant opportunity for increased earnings for people who hold advanced degrees, there is also a major investment required to complete one. For many, attending online graduate schools is the obvious answer. Here are […]

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