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SMH means :

What Does SMH mean ? are you troubling with this word or some of your friends or groups members sent it to you are convey some message SMH and trying to figure out what the hell is SMH means then you are at the right place below is the place you can learn about What does SMH means , SMH definition who it is used on social media platforms .

What Does SMH means ?

SMH Definition : Worried of What is SMH or Definition of SMH goes here follow this .

SMH means Shaking My Head , SMH meaning is an acronym for “shaking my head” and this is the meaning of SMH . By this yours questions what is SMH meaning? solved. There are hell lots of memes available all round the web on the SMH . SMH internet slang is mostly used one .

SMH Defination

What does SMH mean on Facebook ?

Facebook is the top social media plaftorms and there will be loads of discussions going on and you may come across hashtag #smh or SMH at some random post on Fb and worrying what that it means. SMH means SHAKING MY HEAD . Know more of What Does SMH means on Facebook and How to use SMH

What does SMH means

Learn more about What does SMH mean on FB

What does SMH mean on Instagram ?

Instagram a Photo sharing social media platform as lots of views daily and there you can find the random posts of SMH on instagram . SMH is same every where . Know more about What does SMH mean on Instagram . Instagram a app based platform is extensively used all over the world . What does SMH mean on Instagram

What does SMH mean in a Text ?

Did some one sent you SMH in your text, and sorting out what is SMH. There are different meaning of SMH. Lets assume SMH means Shaking my hand here . may be that can fit to the messages. Know more on what does SMH means in Text or SMH means in messages . What does SMH mean in Text

What does SMH mean Reddit ?

Reddit is a discussion and social media platforms where you can have good discussion over here. There are lots of sub reddits on different topics where discussions take place and know more what does SMH means on Reddit.

What does SMH mean on Kik ?

KIK Messenger is an instant messaging service like the Whatsapp . Daily some millions of messages are sent daily using this app . Some times you may receive SMH and got confused the know more about SMH means on KIK messenger

What does SMH means

What does SMH mean in Chat language ?

Chatting or Chat is simply sending messages and getting back messages and then answering back, hope you to chat more and more and with the good and updated Chat language and using the internet slangs like SMH , LOL , BAE , ROFL etc .. can make your chat look good and can send replies to the messages fastly . Here what it means SMH ( Shaking my Head ) . What is SMH

Some other acronyms of SMH  and there Usage ?

  • “So much hate“, mostly used when somone find someone else/ something is hateful. Whenever I go to the hospital, I always see lots of people standing in line, smh. And it will be modified to “smmfh” so that the users can thoroughly express their feeling of hate.
  • “Suck my hole” , used when the user is humiliated by others. Toby: You are such an idiot. Barney: Smh.
  • “Suck my hand“, probably used because the user has a special hobby– suck hand! And he/she will be easily turned on when sucking hand. — I want you to suck my hand, it makes me feel awsome. — No problem, baby!
  • “So many haters“. Oh my god, smh on my twitter.
  • “Suck me hard“, offensively tell someone to suck it. Paul: This dress looks ugly on you! Jane: smh, Paul!

Not only SMH but there are hell lots of internet slang used on the web, here are few common internet slangs used like LOLZ, ROFL, BAE  and many more . You can also learn about them here . and at last SMH ( Shaking my Hand ) and bye .