What Does SMH mean on Facebook | SMH meaning on FB

SMH Meaning on Facebook:

Facebook a top social media platform and hope you also have one account in it. While you are using Facebook might found the #smh or SMH word and think what does SMH mean . Also while chatting using Facebook messenger any of your friends reply can be SMH and trying to figure out What does SMH mean . Also you can know What Does SMH mean on Instagram . SMH is used in lots of platforms and its one of the favorite internet slang being used

What Does SMH means on Facebook

what does SMH means

SMH definition according to other internet sources is simply Shaking my Head . Sometimes SMH means Shaking my hand or some times So much hate etc . By this you have gt to know about the abbreviation of SMH #SMH meaning

SMH meaning on FB

Acronym of SMH is Shaking my HeadĀ as all you know, the usage of the smh is not changed from one social media platform to other . What does SMH mean in Text or Facebook or Twitter , reddit is same and you can use it in different conversations. Learn What does SMH mean in Text .

SMH ( Shaking My Head) is one of the most used internet slang . Some other internet slang are WTF , BTW, WTF etc and if you find any new internet slang or want to know meaning of internet slang can inform us by comments and we will try to make learn of those internet slang. The Things are changing fast on the web and you all are getting good hand over themĀ  …. we will come with meanings of new internet slang ASAP , can ask down in comments which you want to learn about …

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