What Does SMH mean in Text | SMH meaning in Text

What does SMH mean in Text :

While you are busy in texting and you get a reply from your friend saying SMH and you worried what the hell is the SMH an want to know what does the text smh mean ? So here you are at the right place . SMH is one of the internet slang where the social media use regularly to complete the typing of text , its kind of a shortcut . There are lots of internet slang similar to this and think you have heard about WTF, BTW, LOL , BAE etc. So learn some Text language from here

What does SMH mean in texting

What does SMH means

What does smh mean in a text ? Text is not only in messaging but the SMH is also used in Facebook , Reddit , Twitter and also on other platforms there can be many interpretations but the actual acronym or SMH is Shaking my Head . You can find good number of meme’s when you search for SMH meaning in text also in SMH means in Chat

What does SMH mean when texting and how to use

The SMH as we learn t is a Shaking my Head, but it can also be used by some as Shaking my Hand, So Much Hate etc. Google for how to use SMH and also see this page on how to use SMH

What does SMH mean in text talk

Texting language consists of lots of shortcuts , if you are more into texting then you can learn them so fast , but don’t try to use this Texting language during exams or while writing any exams .. which can cause you to score lower grades .. Be careful while using the internet slang shortcuts. SMH ( Shaking my Head )

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